About Rudraksha's

The term “Rudraksha” itself symbolizes Lord Shiva. “Rudra” stands for Lord Shiva and “Aaksha” for Shiva’s tears. Lord Shiva himself is the first ardent user and admirer of Rudraksha. Later devotees and sages began usingRudraksha as a blessing from Lord Shiva himself to protect mankind from worldly sufferings and miseries. With the development of modern science, many scientists researched for evidences that support the ancient belief on the significance of Rudraksha. All the scientists came up with the findings that reassured and confirmed the divine power of Rudraksha beads. Individual from every walk of life irrespective of caste, creed, religion, nationality or gender can use Rudraksha to gain maximum spiritual, physical and materialistic benefits.

Scientifically known as Elaeocarpus ganitrus Roxb, Rudraksha tree is a large evergreen broad-leaved tree, which grows in the area from the Genetic Plain to the foothills of the great Himalayas and the middle area of Nepal. The main trunk of Rudraksha tree is cylindrical and has circular section. Rudraksha tree has grayish white bark and rough in texture with small vertical lenticels and narrow horizontal furrows. Its branches spread in all directions. Its leaves appear shining green externally and dull coriaceous internally. It has ovoid, conical and elongate flowers, nearly 1 to 2 cm in diameter. Its fruit is globose and drupaceous having a fleshy exterior and is light green in color. Rudraksha beads are covered by an outer shell which is blue in color and is hard and tubercle on the inside. On each Rudraksha seed vertical lines are seen running down its surface. These lines are called mukhi or “the clefts or furrows on the surface” and determine the type of mukhi Rudraksha. For instance Seeds with one vertical line are one mukhi Rudraksha, those with two lines are two mukhi and so on. Rudraksha beads contain 50.031 % carbon, 0.95% nitrogen, 17.897% hydrogen and 30.53% oxygen. It takes 15 to16 years for Rudraksha to mature and bear fruits. It is kept in water for a number of days and then Rudraksha is taken out after peeling off the pulp. 

Rudraksha comes from 1 to 38 mukhis, but Rudraksha of 1 to 14 mukhis are commonly found. The five-faced Rudraksha are found easily and abundantly. One mukhi Rudraksha is extremely rare Rudraksha. Depending upon the availability and production of Rudraksha different prices have been allocated for different mukhi Rudraksha.


Ruling God

Ruling Planet

Beeja Mantra

Major Benefit

1 Mukhi



Om Hreem Namah

Enlightens the Super Consciousness, provides improved concentration and mental structure changes specific to renunciation from worldly affairs. The wearer enjoys all comforts at his command but still remains unattached.

2 Mukhi



Om Namah

Blesses the wearer with 'UNITY'. It could be related to Guru-Shishya, parents-children, husband-wife or friends. Maintaining ONENESS is its peculiarity.

3 Mukhi



Om Kleem Namah

The wearer gets free from sins or wrongs from his life and returns to purity . Ideal for those who suffer from inferior complexes, subjective fear, guilt and depression.

4 Mukhi



Om Hreem Namah

The wearer gains power of creativity when blessed. Increases memory power , wit and intelligence

5 Mukhi

Kalaagni Rudra


Om Hreem Namah

Wearer gains health and peace. It increases memory also .

6 Mukhi



Om Hreem Hum Namah

Saves from the emotional trauma of worldly sorrows and gives learning, wisdom and knowledge. Affects understanding and appreciation of Love, Sexual Pleasure, Music and Personal Relationships .

7 Mukhi



Om Hum Namah

It should be worn by those who are suffering from miseries pertaining to body, finance and mental set-up. By wearing this man can progress in business and service and spends his life happily.

8 Mukhi



Om Hum Namah

Removes all obstacles and brings success in all undertakings. It gives the wearer all kinds of attainments - Riddhies and Siddhies . His opponents are finished i.e. the minds or intentions of his opponents are changed.

9 Mukhi



Om Hreem Hum Namah

Wearer is blessed with lot of energy, powers, Dynamism and fearlessness, which are useful to live a life of success.

10 Mukhi



Om Hreem Namah

This contains the influence of ten incarnations and the ten directions. It works like a shield on one's body and drives evils away .

11 Mukhi



Om Hreem Hum Namah

Blesses wearer with wisdom, right judgment, powerful vocabulary, adventurous life , fearlessness and success. Above all, it also protects from accidental death. It also helps in Meditation and removes the problems of yogic practices.

12 Mukhi



Aum Kraum Sraum Raum Namah

Wearer gets the quality of the sun - to rule and to move continuously with brilliant radiance and strength. Good for ministers, politicians, administrators, businessmen and executives. Removes worry, suspicion and fear. Increases self image and motivation.

13 Mukhi



Om Hreem Namah

Showers all possible comforts of life one can ever desire. It gives riches and honor and fulfills all the earthly desires and gives eight accomplishments ( Siddhies), and the god cupid ( Kamadeva) pleases with the man who wears it.. It is helpful for meditation and spiritual and materialistic attainments.

14 Mukhi



Om Namah

Most precious divine gem - Deva Mani. It awakens the sixth sense organ by which the wearer foresees the future happenings. Its wearer never fails in his decisions. Its wearer gets rid of all the calamities, miseries, worries. It protects from ghosts ,evil spirits and black magic . It provides the wearer safety , security and riches and self power .

15 Mukhi

Lord Pashupati


Om Namah Shivay

This represents Lord Pashupati and is specially beneficial for economic progress. Its possesor is neither bereft of wealth nor inflicted by any kinds of skin diseases.

16 Mukhi



Om Namah Shivay

It represents victory and the possessor is never affected by heat or cold. It is especially useful for the saints living in jungles. The house in which it is kept is free from fire, theft or robbery.

17 Mukhi



Om Namah Shivaye

It represents Vishvakarma the builder of this world. It is very effective in gaining unexpected money. It is specially useful in attaining property, vehicles and all physical assets.

18 Mukhi

Mother Earth


Om Namah Shivaye

It represents the mother earth. The possessor remains happy and healthy. It is specially beneficial for the pregnant women in protecting their child.

19 Mukhi

Lord Narayana


Om Namah Shivaye

It represents Lord Narayana. The possessor is bestowed with all worldly pleasures. There is no scarcity in their life.

Gauri Shankar

Shiva & Parvati


Om Shree GauriShankaraya Namah

Regarded the best for peace and comfort in the family. If a man worships Gauri Shankar at his worshipping place, the pain and suffering and other earthly obstacles are destroyed and the peace and pleasure of family are increased.

Garbh Gauri

Parvati & Ganesh


Om Shree GauriGanesh Namah

For women wanting to have children. Her motherhood gains perfection.




Om Gum Ganapatayei Namah

For success in all new ventures


Brahma, Vishnu & Shiva


Om Namah Shivaye

Wearer becomes invincible 

Types of Rudraksha

One Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

This type of Rudraksha symbolizes Lord Shiva himself .Generally it comes in the shape of cashew nut or half moon. The owner of this possession shall always have prosperity and fortune worldly pleasures, success, power, victory over enemy .Good social and financial status and positive worldly perspectives are bestowed upon wearing one mukhi Rudraksha. One mukhi Half Moon clears the Consciousness of the possessor. It also improves concentration and mental constitution of the wearer. It is said that the wearer enjoys all comforts of life and remains unattached if he possesses this bead.

Mantra : ' Om Namaha Shivaya, Om Hreem Namaha '
Ruling Planet : ' Sun '

Two Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

Two mukhi or face Rudraksha symbolizes the unite form of Shiva Parvati , also commonly known as Arthanareshwor. It harbors immense mystical power. Vedic scriptures boost about the belief that two mukhi Rudraksha carries the entire evolution of cosmos within it and thus it is a special blessing to mankind. Two natural lines or faces are found on two mukhi Rudraksha which is its key identification. It comes in oval shape. Besides Hindus, it is also considered extremely sacred by Vaishnavaites. Vaishnavism religion perceives it as the symbol of Lord Vishnu. The use of two two- mukhi Rudraksha beads fastened around a red thread activates its immense power for reaping maximum benefits. 

Mantra :
 ' Om Shiva Shaktihi Namaha '
Ruling Planet : 
' Moon '

Three Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

Three mukhi Rudraksha represents the God Agni hence the divine power of god has been collectively blended into it making it very sacred, powerful and the most sought after possession. Like fire, the divine weapon of god Agni engulfs every powerful objects and beings, it engulfs past sins and helps in purifying a soul. With this opens up the door to wisdom for humans to acknowledge and worship the supremacy of his almighty. 

Mantra : ' Om Kleem Namah '
Ruling Planet : ' Mars '

Four Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

Four mukhi Rudraksha symbolizes Brahma and is also worshipped as the symbol of Chaturanan. Visually, four linings from head to bottom are observed on four mukhi Rudraksha at equal distance. This signifies the four facets of Brahma leading to humans eternal quest for knowledge, meaning, action or fate and freedom. If a person wears it on neck or on arm, s/he can attain enormous benefits. 

Mantra : ' Om Hreem Namah '
Ruling Planet : ' Mercury ' 


Five  Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

As the representation of Lord of Living creature, five mukhi Rudraksha is also known to symbolize the form of Pancheswor or Panchmukhi Shiva. It also represents another form of Shiva termed as Kaalagni. Since the ancient times the users and wearers of five mukhi Rudraksha had accumulated maximum physical and materialistic benefits with the eternal blessings from Lord Shiva. Many documented evidences have solidly cemented the belief of Shiva devotees that no matter how deeply one sinks into the depth of failure or loose hope and faith in life or is engulfed by worldly miseries or is at the verge of bankruptcy or mental breakdown, five mukhi Rudraksha always comes forth in the form of a guiding angel for the welfare of mankind as a gift from Lord Shiva. 

Mantra : ' Om Hreem Namah '
Ruling Planet : ' Mars ' 






Six  Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

Six mukhi Rudraksha symbolizes God Kumar, most commonly known as Kartikey. It possesses divine power with the blessings of Kartikey. Even goddess Parvati has graced six mukhi Rudraksha with her eternal blessings.It enhances concentration, mental sharpness, will power, sexual harmony, self-confidence, self-esteem and personality. It blesses the wearer with the key to success, glory, fame, physical strength, luxury, wisdom, wealth, name, power, blissful marital life, family harmony, charismatic personality, prosperity, good career prospect and positive perspectives towards life.

Mantra : ' Om Hreem Hum Namah '
Ruling Planet : ' Venus ' 






Seven  Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

Seven mukhi Rudraksha is regarded as the representation of Saptarishi (Seven Greatest Sage). Vaishnavism belief that seven mukhi Rudraksha represents Avanta, the king of serpents who is believed to be the incarnate of Lord Shiva himself. Each face on the Rudraksha represents one great serpent. Energized beads can be placed in a locker containing money and other financial assets or in a prayer room to reap positive output.It releases a man from poverty and miseries. Its use is especially beneficial for those who are into business.

Mantra : ' Om Hum Namah '
Ruling Planet : ' Saturn '





Eight  Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

Eight mukhi Rudraksha is the symbolization of Lord Ganesh. It has eight linings displayed on its surface.One can just wear one bead of eight mukhi Rudraksha for attaining anticipated results for any new work.It is coupled with numerous gains leading to physical, mental and spiritual well-being. It works wonders for people who are accident-prone. It keeps one away from unpredictable accident, misfortunes, obstacles and miseries.

Mantra : ' Om Ganeshaya Namah '
Ruling Planet : ' Rahu '





Nine  Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

A nine mukhi Rudraksha represents goddess Durga, a symbol of power and courage. It is believed to possess power of nine deities, also called Navadurga. It also represents god Yama, god of death and sage Kapila. Based on the scientific researches, Hindu scripture proudly boosts that the use of nine mukhi Rudraksha on a body specially if worn stimulates the hormonal function of the body and this enhances mental alertness and sharpness, physical strength, mental peace, spiritual gain, concentration power, patience, control over anger and fear and communication skills.

Mantra : ' Om Hreem Hum Namaha '
Ruling Planet : ' Ketu ' 





Ten  Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

Ten mukhi Rudraksha symbolizes Lord Vishnu and is also believed to represent Dusavatar meaning seven incarnations of Lord Vishnu. In Shiva Purana there is a detailed mention of how everyone irrespective of caste, creed, religion, nationality and gender can use ten mukhi Rudraksha for attaining fame and success in carrier. Srimaddevibhagavat have also sung songs of praises on ten mukhi Rudraksha for its divine contribution in rescuing mankind from worldly sufferings, miseries, misfortunes, evil power and adverse planetary effects.

Mantra : ' Om Hreem  Namaha '
Ruling Planet : ' Jupiter ' 

Eleven  Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

Vedic scriptures state that eleven mukhi Rudraksha represents the eleven forms of Lord Shiva also called Akads Rudra. Amongst the eleven forms of Lord Shiva, the eleventh form is Lord Hanuman. According to the ancient religious texts, several great sages have worn eleven mukhi Rudraksha during their meditation for spiritual quest. Moreover, it is regarded very auspicious in religious rituals. Hindu belief is rooted on a perception that whoever wears eleven mukhi Rudraksha, s/he shall attain all the eleven heavenly virtues of Lord Eleven.

Mantra : ' Om Hreem Hum Namaha '
Ruling Planet : ' Jupiter ' 






Twelve  Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

Srimaddevibhagavat regards twelve mukhi Rudraksha as a representation of Lord Sun. Hence, it is the embodiment of twelve different facets of god Surya. Twelve virtues of god Surya are light of universal friendship, light of compelling radiance, dispeller of darkness or ignorance, shining principle, all pervading light, light of mystic fire, golden colored one healing gold, light obvious and subtle as at dawn and dusk, light of the sage an aspect of Vishnu, light of enlightenment, light that removes afflictions and brilliance the light of intelligence. 
Lord sun blesses an owner of twelve mukhi Rudraksha with a life of a Rich people surrounded by unlimited luxury, wealth and authority.

Mantra : ' Aum Kraum Sraum Raum Namah '
Ruling Planet : ' Sun ' 

Thirteen  Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

As a representation of god is know as Lord Indra, thirteen mukhi Rudraksha possesses divine power. Therefore, it inherits virtues like love, affection, beauty and attraction as its attributes. 
It empowers a person with an ability to woo another individual with irresistible charisma. Its wearer or user will further have a power to control her/his own destiny. Besides humans, animals will also remain bewitched and besotted under the influence of the wearer's spell. Thirteen mukhi Rudraksha unfolds immense spiritual gain, success, physical and mental strength, good luck, power of authority, charismatic personality, honor, employment opportunity, wealth, worldly pleasures, high level of social and financial status and glory. 

Mantra : ' Om Hreem Namah '
Ruling Planet : ' Mars' 






Fourteen  Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

Fourteen mukhi Rudraksha represents Hanuman. It fosters positive Fourteen mukhi Rudraksha symbolizes lord Shiva. Its very precious divine power makes it very special and rare. Shiva Purana praises about how fourteen mukhi Rudraksha rules the cosmic world and humans and is regarded as a favorite possession not just by humans but also by gods and goddesses. Its properties have been compared to the power of Lord Shiva. In Srimaddevibhagavat, Narayan has glorified the importance of fourteen mukhi with special emphasis on wearing it to attain spiritual freedom and the virtues of Lord Shiva himself. Rudraksha. Even Mantramaharnava has revealed that upon wearing fourteen mukhi Rudraksha beads, great intuition power overpowers a person and then s/he shall be able to predict and foresee the future.

Mantra : ' Om Shivaya Namaha '
Ruling Planet : ' Saturn'

Gaurishankar Rudraksha

It is formed by the union of two Rudraksha and hence symbolizes Shiva Shakti that is combined form of Shiva and Parvati. It evokes maximum positive results and fulfills every desire if kept either inside a puja room Its use brings in family harmony, contentment, happiness and peace.

Planetary Power

According to yogis and astrologers , Rudraksha are very influential in removing bad effects of the planets. Gems are also used specially for removing the bad effects of planets . But if they are unable to pacify the evil influence, it is most advisable to wear Rudraksha. This way not only planets are pacified but comfort and pleasure also come to its wearer as he becomes a favorite of Lord Shiva. However a man must know which Rudraksha will be beneficial to him.


A round one faced Rudraksha bead is very difficult to find. However a one faced Rudraksha in the shape of a cashew nut (also known as a Half Moon Rudraksha ) is generally available. No enemy can cause harm to the person wearing this bead .The person gets all pleasures of life. It is excellent for those who are involved in politics, government service or administration.

One Mukhi rudraksha cures the malefic effects of the Sun and makes the individual charismatic and radiant like the divine Surya himself. It also helps in curing the disease caused by the adverse placement of the Sun in the Birth chart such as diseases of the right eye, bones ,mental anxiety, Head ache, ear ailments ,Bowel problems, Bone weakness etc and at the spiritual level such as lack of Confidence, Charisma ,Personal power, leadership qualities and Prosperity. The Sun is pleased with the wearer and any obstacles in his path to lead a rich and powerful life is removed It gives protective powers against heart ailments also.


The representing deity is Ardhnariswara (The sum total of male and female energies). It leads to the harmonizing of energies between two individuals and thereby making happy and lasting attachments. Excellent bead for improving relationships.

Two mukhi Rudraksha cures the malefic effects of Moon. It helps in stabilizing the mind, making a person purposeful, making a person to complete a task before moving onto the next one. It is also helpful in the diseases of the left eye, fluid system of the body (the body is 75% water and water is represented by the moon-tide effect), renal failure and the intestinal system. This bead cures stress, anxiety, depression and negative thoughts. It is specially useful for individuals who have eye problems and who have an history of hysteria.


The representing deity is Agni (The Lord of Fire). It bestows the wearer the confidence and the energy to face any situation. It is excellent for introvert individuals or those who suffer from depression, anxiety, psychosis or guilt induced complexes. It gives success in sports. This bead is also excellent for those who have Real Estate as their career.

The malefic effects of Mars are considerably reduced by wearing this bead .Mars represents the blood system and the energy levels in the body. It is widely used in controlling blood pressure ,regulation of the menstrual cycle/menstrual stress and removal of depression. This bead is also beneficial for those having the Manglik Dosha in their charts and also for those individuals who are temperamental.


The representing deity is Lord Brahma (The creator of the Universe). The ruling planet is Mercury . In mythology this represents Goddess Saraswati and Brahma.

It increases the power of original thinking and helps those who are involved in mental pursuits. It helps to remove the malefic effects of Mercury and helps in developing the power of speech.

It is very useful in the treatment of stammering, asthma and directing the mind towards grasping knowledge. Excellent for students, scientists and management executives or professionals in the computer, electronics or communication field. Good for individual with respiratory tract problems.


The most abundant bead among all Rudraksha beads. At least 90% yield of the Rudraksha Tree is of the five faced Rudraksha bead. Rudraksha malas used for chanting mantras are generally made of 5 faced beads.

The representing deity is Lord Shiva. It helps in curing the malefic effects of Jupiter. It is the bead of Good luck, academic excellence. It has a tranquil effect over the mind and helps one to be calm. It is helpful in regulation of blood pressure and controlling body fats. It creates a protective amour around the body and protects the wearer from adverse situations. Widely used in blood pressure related problems


The representing deity is Lord Kartikeya also known as Skandha. It blesses the wearer with victory and wisdom. The malefic effects of Venus are controlled by wearing this bead. Diseases of a sexual nature, of sexual organs are cured by this bead.

It helps in having a happy martial life and blesses its wearer with vehicles and pleasures related to sensory organs . The wearer of this bead has the power of Vashikaran (Enchantment) in him/her (Power of attracting other individuals). This bead makes the wearer witty, charming and intelligent. This Bead has been used since time immemorial by actors and individuals who have a lot of public dealing.


The representing deity is Goddess Mahalakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth. This Rudraksha Bead has secret and mysterious powers and it ensures that the wearer never faces poverty.

The representing planet is Saturn. This Rudraksha bead helps in overcoming the malefic effects of Saturn and the Sade Sathi period. It blesses its wearer with secret wealth and Vashikaran (control over others). Helps in the cure of Saturn induced diseases such as impotency ,foot related diseases, respiratory disorders. It is also helpful in curing long standing diseases.

This Rudraksha is generally kept in the place of worship and not worn on the body. This bead is also helpful for individuals having the Kalsarpa Yoga in their charts. This bead is also used by tantriks in a lot of secret Tantrik Sadhanas.


The representing deity is Lord Ganesha. This Rudraksha removes the obstacles from the path of its wearer and ensures professional success.

The malefic effects of Rahu are cured by this bead. It is helpful in diseases of the mysterious kind, harassment by spirits, trauma causing dreams, Skin diseases, Stress and anxiety, diseases of lung , feet , skin , eye catarrh Isis, hydrofoil . Snake bites are also the result of malefic effects of Rahu and this rudraksha is helpful in such cases also. Excellent for individuals having Sarpa Dosha is their charts. Also good for Astrologers and individuals interested in the occult.


The representing deity is Aadhya Shakti Maa - Durga. It helps in cultivating patience, controlling unnecessary anger and a feeling of fearlessness. This Rudraksha is very dear to Maa Shakti and worn by the Devi Bhaktas.

The malefic effects of Ketu are controlled by this bead. Effects of Ketu are similar to those of Rahu and Saturn and include diseases of lung, fever , eye-pain , bowel pain , skin disease , body pain etc . Also helps in mastering foreign languages, and boosting vocabulary. 


The representing deity is Lord Vishnu (The Preserver). It helps the wearer to overcome difficult times and ensures that the wearer and the family of the wearer is protected. It creates a feeling of security and removes complexes.

There is no ruling planet for this bead. This Rudraksha helps in devotion and mediation as it increases the power to concentrate .


The representing deity is Lord Hanuman. It protects the wearer from Aakal Mrityu (sudden or accidental death). Helps in concentration and instills a feeling of right actions and courage. A bead with strong protective influences it a good for removing fear. The wearer knows no fear. 

This Rudraksha induces courage and confidence in the wearer to leads an adventurous life. Also helpful in meditation and removes problem of Yogic practices .


The representing deity is Surya (Lord Sun). This Rudraksha helps in creating a powerful aura around the wearer and malefic effects of the Sun are controlled. Those who cannot get a genuine Ek Mukhi Bead should wear a 12 faced bead as this bead is similar to effects to the one faced Rudraksha bead.

It is excellent for those who are involved in politics, government service or administration. It also helps in curing the disease caused by the adverse placement of the Sun in the Birth chart such as diseases of the right eye, bones ,mental anxiety and problems with elders specially with one's Father. It gives protective powers against heart ailments.


The representing deity is Indra (The ruler of the Gods). It bestows charm, worldly comforts and spiritual success equally. Very rare bead, this Rudraksha gives secret wealth and a position of authority to the wearer. The effects are similar to that of 6 mukhi and it is helpful for meditation and spiritual attainments. 

It bestows spiritual achievements on its Sadhaka and the wearer becomes equivalent to a King. This rare bead ensures that the individuals emerges victorious in challenging situations and the full potential of destiny is realized.


Fourteen-faced (14 mukhi) Rudraksha is a divine gem- Deva Mani. It represents Lord Shiva. The wearer’s power of intuition and sixth sense awakens due to strengthening of Ajna chakra and the possessor is able to take right steps in right directions. It is also said that when invoked it helps the wearer in forecasting future events. . Fourteen-faced (14 mukhi) Rudraksha protects against evil spirits and black magic.14 mukhi is the best possible tool to increase the benefic effects & reduce the negative effects of shani / planet Saturn, in one's horoscope. 


Fifteen-faced Rudraksha represents Lord Pashupatinath. This Rudraksha bead helps channelise thoughts and remain focused. It is said that the wearer’s power of intuition and sixth sense awakens and helps him to take right steps in right directions. It is also said that when invoked it helps the wearer in forecasting future events. It increases attentiveness and energy, power and vigor. It is beneficial for economic and monetary progress.

Some astrologers suggest to wear Rudraksha according to ruling planet as under:-


Ruling Planet

Suggested Rudrakshas


Mars Three faced
Taurus Venus Six faced or Thirteen faced
Gemini Mercury Four faced
Cancer Moon Two faced
Leo Sun One faced or Twelve faced
Virgo Mercury (& Rahu*) Four faced (& Eight faced)
Libra Venus Six faced or Thirteen faced
Scorpio Mars Three faced
Sagittarius Jupiter Five faced
Capricorn Saturn Seven faced or Fourteen faced
Aquarius Saturn Seven faced or Fourteen faced
Pisces Jupiter (& Ketu*) Five faced (& Nine faced)

Planets Rahu (the north node of the Moon) and Ketu (the south node of the Moon) are the shadowy (hypothetical) planets and they rules no sign of zodiac, but Rahu has authority over Virgo and Ketu has authority over Pisces. So it is also useful for these zodiac's persons to use these Rudraksha.

The Ten & Eleven Faced Rudraksha are not under any planetary effect.

Puja of Rudraksha

Rudraksha is a divine bead and it bestows all sorts of spiritual , Mental & Physical benefits to its wearer . However, in order to get maximum benefits from Rudraksha it needs to be sanctified & energized also known as Pran Prathista prior to its use for the first time.

Please note that all the Rudrakshas are already Energized as per ancient Hindu Rituals ( A Pran Pratishtha Puja is performed by our learned Guruji ) before being sent to our clients. Hence you can directly start wearing the Rudraksha as soon as you have received them.

Procedures that has been followed by our Guruji for ENERGIZING  ( Pran Prathistha ) of Rudraksha before being sent to you.

1. An auspicious Day, Date and Nakshtra is chosen by our Guruji taking into consideration the clients Name, Date of Birth and Place of Birth

2. Then the mind is cleared of all negative thoughts so as  to achieve a clear and positive mind frame .

3. A Matt is placed on the Floor in such a way that the face is towards East, North or North-East while performing the Pran Pratishtha Puja of the Holy Rudraksha Bead. 

4. The Rudraksha is opened and washed with Unboiled Milk and Holy Water. After that Sandalwood Paste is applied to it and it is kept on the Special Aasan ( Seat )  made for it in front of Lord Shiva Idol.

5. An Incense or a Diya is Lit in front of the Rudraksha and Fresh Flowers, Fruits, Sweets and Panchamrut ( A Special Spiritual Preparation made of Five items viz, Holy Water, Milk, Ghee, Honey and Curd ) is offered to Lord Shiva and the Holy Rudraksha Bead

6. After that the Name of the Client, Date of Birth and Place or Birth are spoken by our Guruji with an intention to Energize the Holy Rudraksha Bead for the said Person ( Our Client who have purchased this Holy Rudraksha Bead ) along with a request to Lord Shiva that the wishes of the Client be granted and he/she is able to lead a more Happier, Healthier and Wealthier Life after wearing this Holy Rudraksha Bead.

7. The Eyes are closed while concentrating on the Holy Rudraksha Bead and reciting the Beej Mantra of the Rudraksha for 108 times followed by recitation of Other Spiritual Mantras to appease  Lord Shiva.

8. This completes the procedure which is called as "Prana Prathistha"  of Rudraksha. This procedure creates a Live Energy within the Rudraksha  . 

9. After the above procedure is completed by our Learned Guruji, the Holy Rudraksha Bead is despatched to you. Since the Energization procedure has already been done, you can directly start wearing the Rudraksha once you have received it.


The Beej Mantra for various Mukhi Rudrakshas are as follows. You may yourself recite the mantra of the Rudraksha bead that you have purchased for 11 times every day or at least on every Monday

One Mukhi             "Om Namaha Shivaya"
                                 "Om Hreem Namaha "

Two Mukhi              "Om Namah "

Three Mukhi           "Om Kleem Namah"

Four Mukhi             "Om Hreem Namah "

Five Mukhi              "Om Hreem Namah " 

Six Mukhi                "Om Hreem Hum Namah "

Seven Mukhi          "Om Hum Namah "

Eight Mukhi            "Om Ganeshaya Namah "

Nine Mukhi              "Om Hreem Hum Namaha"

Ten Mukhi               "Om Hreem Namah "

Eleven Mukhi          "Om Shree Rudray Namah"

Twelve Mukhi         "Shree Suryay Namah "

Thirteen Mukhi       "Om Hreem Namah "

Fourteen Mukhi     "Om Shivaya Namaha "

Purity & Identification

Tests for a Genuine Rudraksha.

To meet the ever increasing demand of different faceted beads, traders have started manufacturing rarely faceted beads such as the one faced Rudraksha body (The Ek Mukhi Rudraksha). Beads of Areca nut, Nutmeg or Tulsi are used to fashion Rudraksha Beads. In such circumstances the individual who wants to buy a genuine Rudraksha is in a dilemma

There are few methods of testing a genuine Rudraksha:

Cut Test:

A fool proof method is to cut the Rudraksha bead horizontally. One will find the same number of compartments as that of the number of lines . However the drawback is that by this method, the bead gets destroyed.

Properties Test:


The other is to find out whether the beads exhibit properties like inductance, capacitance, conduction of electric current etc.

The copper coin test:

It is generally held that if Rudraksha beads are placed between two copper coins it should rotate slightly. This is due to the physical and magnetic properties of the Rudraksha beads. This test requires a high level of expertise.

Eye test:

A fake or the artificial Rudraksha may look like a real one but in these Rudraksha the facets (mukhis) can not be made as real as those present on the real Rudraksha. In a Rudraksha the facets or the mukhis means deep lining from the upper part to the lower part of Rudraksha. Looking at these deep linings (facets) with the help of a magnifying glass, one can easily recognize a real Rudraksha.

Water test:

Some times a higher valued Rudraksha (Gaurishankar Rudraksha or a Trijuti) are made by artificially joining two or three Rudraksha with the help of glue etc. In case of doubt such Rudraksha should be boiled in water for one to two hours. A sharp discoloration will take place at the joint in case of artificial Rudraksha.

The test wherein the Rudraksha Bead dips in water (commonly known as water test) is not dependable because:


A fake Rudraksha made out of wood and impregnated with lead will sink in 
water thereby giving a false impression of a real Rudraksha.

Some times a rare available Rudraksha (like one mukhi) is made by tempering
other easily available real Rudraksha beads of lesser value. Such   
Rudraksha will also sink in water .

Still it is one of the most popular methods to test the beads and many times gives accurate results.

Source :

One of the best way to get a real Rudraksha is to source it from a reputed dealer.

Tips for Care

Rudraksha bead is a divine gift from Lord Shiva to the mankind for helping them to combat their miseries and sorrows. Therefore these divine beads can be worn by any body irrespective of age, sex, caste, creed, culture and location. However it is desirable that certain precautions be taken while using Rudraksha since it is a divine gift and therefore very pious.

  • First of all a person who wants to wear a Rudraksha, should make sure of the type of Rudraksha which is most suitable and idle for him taking in to account his zodiac sign, problems or desires for which he wants to wear Rudraksha.


    • While Purchasing a Rudraksha one should make sure that he is purchasing a genuine Rudraksha only otherwise he will not get the desirable effects. One of the best way is to purchase a Rudraksha from some authentic source only and not from any street vendors.


      • While wearing a Rudraksha for the first time, it is advisable to do so on the particular day of the week which again depends upon the type of the Rudraksha. Also it is necessary that a proper Puja (Pran Pratishta) is done before wearing a Rudraksha for the first time to get the maximum beneficial effects.


        • A Rudraksha can be worn around the neck ( as a mala or pendent ) or around the wrist as a bracelet. It can also be kept in the  Puja room to be used for japa.


          • Rudraksha mala, Bracelet or a pendent can be made using gold, silver or even a strong thread preferably of red color.


            • Rudraksha mala should be cleaned after 15 to 20 days using Lukewarm water and mild liquid soap. One should never use a strong detergents or very hot/ boiling water.


              • One may periodically apply mustered oil/ sandalwood oil to the Rudraksha bead so that they remain shiny and perfumed. Rudraksha beads are very strong and if a proper care and clining  is done and if protected from getting physically damaged, these beads can be passed on from one generation to another.


                • A person can wear more then one Rudraksha bead of the same mukhi. Alternately he can also wear a mala/ bracelet having a combination of  various mukhi Rudraksha.


                  • Rudraksha beads are a product of nature. Hence they vary in their size and colors even if they are identical in Mukhas (facets) . However this variation of size and color dose not increases/  decreases the effectivenessof this divine bead.


                    • Children should not be allowed to wear one mukhi Rudraksha.


                      • Rudraksha should not be worn while   attending a funeral.


                        • The best way is to keep the Rudraksha in Puja place before going to sleep and wear the same next morning only after taking a bath.


                          • Females may avoid  using Rudraksha for three four days when nature is at its work.


                            • Family members should not keep interchanging Neck Malas, Japa Malas or Rudraksha beads. The bond created between a wearer and Rudraksha is very private and hence the wearer must not share her/his Rudrakshawith a third party. But it can be willed and passed on to the next generation.

                            Rudraksha Legend


                            Ancient Vedic scriptures talk on different circumstances leading to the creation of “Rudra”. All the epics are centered on Lord Shiva, the god of eternal cycle of creation and destruction. Lord Shiva is also known by the name “Rudra”. According to Shiva puran, once lord Shiva went into deep meditation for a long period for the well-being of all living beings. After waking from the state of meditation, he opened his eyes and instantly tear drops fell on the earth. On reaching the ground, tear drops took the form of a seed which later grew into Rudraksha tree. Another epic boosts a different tale.


                            It says that there used to be a demon called “Tripura Sur” who gained so much power that all the gods felt intimidated by him. The demon misused his power on brutally torturing the innocents. All the gods were helpless and finally turned to lord Shiva to eliminate the evils of the demon. Shiva decided to use his very powerful and destructive weapon called Aaghor to kill the demon. But on realizing the devastating effects the weapon would bring about, Shiva became very emotional and tears naturally fell down from his eyes and thus landed on the earth. Mother earth enveloped the tear drops and gave birth to a Rudraksha tree. Another tale foretells that when Lord Shiva woke up from his deep meditation, tear drops welled down from his eyes on realizing the sufferings of living creatures. His Almighty’s teardrops on reaching the earth germinated into a seed. It is believed that the seed ofRudraksha contains the secrets of entire evolution of the cosmos within it.

                            Lord Shiva is always portrayed wearing rosary of Rudraksha beads on his head, arms and hands. With this came the religious, spiritual, physical and materialistic significance of Rudraksha. This further brought it path to spiritual enlightment and liberation. Thereafter ensued the use of holy Rudraksha beads by Shiva devotees. Hindu scriptures like ShivmahaPurana, Shreemaddevibhagwat, Padma Purana, ling Purana, Ashtamalikopnishad, Nirnayasindhoo, Mantramaharnava, Mahakaal Sanmhita, Rudrakshajabalopnishad, Vrihajjabalopnishad, Shivaswarodaya and Sarvollastantra ravishes on how Lord Shiva crossed the line of caste and creed and blessed all the four varnas, Brahmin, Ksatriya, Vaisya and Sudra, to use holy Rudraksha beads for their well-beings. It is also believed that if a person encounters and meets death while wearing Rudraksha, she/he will surely attain morkha, meaning liberation from all the sins.

                            Later the merits of Rudraksha were evidenced in the late 1960s by a group of scientists lead by Dr Subas Rai PHD Institute of Technology University in Banaras India. Dr. Roy's research boosted that as scripted in the scripturesRudrakshas indeed possess Powerful Electromagnetic, Paramagnetic and Inductive Properties confirmed that the healing powers of Rudraksha beads flow from their electro-magnetic properties. Many schools of yogic thoughts advocates for the religious, scientific and spiritual significance of Rudraksha.

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